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Gala IFCCI - Anne Genetet (EN)

Durée : 01:38
Description :
"Mr . Minister,
Monsieur le Consul,
Mr . Chairman,
Mesdames et Messieurs,
It’ s a great pleasure for me to be here with you to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Indian-French Chamber of Commerce . 40 years of building relations between our businesses and our countries certainly is a very impressive achievement, and one to be proud of . I am also very impressed to be in one of the most attractive and business-friendly cities in the world . Bangalore is a vibrant city, a world leader in information technology exports, and I know from experience that many French entrepreneurs are looking keenly at India, and more particularly Bangalore .
You have chosen the theme of “Les années folles” – which is very interesting for at least two reasons . First, that period was an extraordinary one . It was a decade of strong prosperity and artistic creativity . It was the beginning of mass consumption in Western countries and the first step towards a rising middle-class . However, this era came to an end with the 1929 financial crisis followed by the great depression . I think this serves as a reminder that today more than ever, we need to support growth and give people more opportunities to do business globally . But we also need to be aware that sustainable growth is only possible if we are reasonable, if we regulate effectively and in a balanced manner and if we can support win-win partnerships between countries .
The new political majority in France, La République En Marche ! – Going forward! is liberal, pro-business and boldly European . The French people who live abroad embody this new way of thinking . I do believe that our French community abroad should play a more important role . There are 3 million of us and we have the same electoral weight as Paris . There are more of us than the French people living in overseas territories (Outremer)! In this picture, the French business community has a key role with 30 000 French companies abroad which contribute 20 % of jobs in France . In the globalization process, our country is made stronger by the vitality of our community abroad and has the assets to be successful .
I really believe that President Macron’s new leadership means that France is back! Being back means playing a new role on the world stage but also understanding the new balance of powers . India is already a giant, and will certainly be a superpower in the coming years . This is why Prime Minister Modi was one of the first global leaders to be hosted at the Elysée Palace (the French Presidency) by our newly elected President .
We have the opportunity to build an even closer relationship between our countries . Of course, we want to develop French businesses in India, but we are also open to Indian investors and businesses in France .
France has already taken some major steps to attract new investors, especially in terms of the labor market and tax system . Besides, the French government wants to streamline the administration to assist French entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide . We want to modernize our approach and be more efficient . We already have a large-scale diplomatic network which is a tremendous asset coupled with awell-developed business network with the International Chamber of Commerce, Business France (our State Business promotion agency) and Atout France (for tourism) .

Furthermore, our Minister of European & Foreign Affairs has set two major goals:
Simplify: clearly setting one goal, one line of action and one leading stakeholder to achieve it .
Be more efficient: promote actions that have a tangible impact on the French economy .
One of our main goals is also to establish a single client interface and organize the various existing agencies into one “French team” . Moreover, we need to develop specific assistance mechanisms for French entrepreneurs operating abroad . Our Minister is going to make a proposal for a new international promotion of economic policy this December .
I want you to know that I am here to listen, to help and to give feedback to our Government about the reality on the ground . So, don’t hesitate to send me concrete and innovative proposals to make our policies more effective . I really believe in a new way of making political decisions . You are best placed to know what you really need . My ambition is to help connect your local knowledge and experience with our decision makers .
I know that we can really do better together . I also know that we share a common desire to enhance relations between France and India . Globalization is an fantastic opportunity for our 2 great countries to further solidify our already flourishing relationhip .

At a time were the model is increasingly called into questions, our cooperation and our steadfast belief in each other can be the spark that can make globalization great again
Thank you! "

Tags : 2-09-2017

Publié le 11/11/2017 07:28:42 sur la chaîne Anne Genetet

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